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At SEIU Local 517M, we are the people of Michigan serving the people of Michigan. We are proud to be connected to our members as we join forces to serve, grow, and lead within our communities. Our voice takes many shapes, as scientists and engineers, road commission crews, paraprofessionals, unemployment insurance examiners, technicians, librarians, city workers, and more. We are public employees.

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Annual Membership Meeting July 28, 2024

The 2024 SEIU Local 517M Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, July 28, 2024 at the William G. Milliken State Park & Harbor located at 1900 Atwater Street in […]

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Member Perspectives

Union membership is more than belonging. It’s engaging in order to shape a shared future in which we all have an active stake.  “As part of an engaged membership, we […]

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Executive Board Minutes

Below are the Approved Meeting Minutes of the SEIU Local 517M Executive Board. 2022 BD Minutes 1.29.2022 BD Minutes 4.30.2022 BD Minutes 7.30.2022 BD Minutes 11.10.2022 2023 BD Minutes 1.28.2023 […]

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Governing Documents

SEIU Local 517M Constitution and Bylaws

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Access to Representation by a Professional Labor Representative

Access to the SEIU - Free College Benefit and Student Debt Forgiveness Navigator

Access to Exclusive (Member Only) Programs and Discounts



Political Representation

Legislative Monitoring / Analysis

Public Advocacy on Work Related Issues



Be Informed About the Internal Governance and Affairs of the Union

Access to SEIU LOCAL 517M Publications

Eligibility for the SEIU LOCAL 517M Scholarship Fund

A Voice in your Future

A Voice In Your Future

Run or Vote in Union Elections

Participate in Union Bargaining Efforts

Give Input / Approve Union Contracts

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