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As a member-driven organization of public employees, every expression of SEIU Local 517M connects to the will and needs of its people and its community. This then extends to everyone in our state who depends on the critical work of its members. We are the pride of Michigan. This is our union.

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Ten Ways You Can Get More Involved in Your Union

  1. Read and share the newsletter
  2. Submit a profile of your experience
  3. Volunteer to mentor new union members
  4. Spread the word
  5. Attend a meeting
  6. Read your contract and make sure you understand your rights
  7. Build relationships with your union representatives and staff
  8. Join a constituency group
  9. Wear your union pride
  10. Communicate the benefits of SEIU Local 517M

Make a COPE contribution

COPE stands for the Committee on Political Education. It is our Union’s voluntary, bi-partisan Political Action Committee used for political and legislative activities.

Building a strong COPE fund is essential to holding politicians accountable at every level of government. COPE also helps our union build the political power we need to bargain strong contracts, win better benefits, and pass laws to protect our jobs and communities.

Please note: membership dues are not used for political contributions or activities.

To join our COPE team, use this form and receive a thank you gift.

Share Your Story

“As part of our push to an active membership, we want to hear from our members,” says Executive Director, Jonovan Luckey. This is our union. This is why SEIU Local 517M is strong. It’s a union of the people who believe in what comes from hard work: strong service, strong communities, empowered people. In the end, it’s all about purpose.”

We’d like to hear from you! What does full engagement in SEIU Local 517M mean to you?

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