Member Perspectives

Union membership is more than belonging. It’s engaging in order to shape a shared future in which we all have an active stake. 

“As part of our push to an active membership, we want to hear from our members,” says Executive Director, Jeremy Tripp. “This is our union. This is why SEIU Local 517M is strong. It’s a union of the people who believe in what comes from hard work: strong service, strong communities, empowered people. In the end, it’s all about purpose.”

Longtime member, Carl Miller, a frontline advocate for SEIU engagement reflects on his engagement this way: Membership to me is a giant oak tree. It’s just one tree, but put a bunch together and it makes a forest. While this forest can provide shade and beauty, it can also be a source for furniture and other durable goods. The greatest thing of all is that the forest constantly regenerates. That’s what a great union and a great community does: it constantly regenerates. Joining and engaging fully only makes us stronger.”

We’d like to hear from you! What does full engagement in SEIU Local 517M mean to you?