Retiree Program at SEIU Local 517M

Stay active with your former co-workers by joining the SEIU Local 517M Retiree Program.  This program includes social and community involvement activities. The cost is only $5 a month and gives you so many advantages.

Stay connected, stay informed and stay involved on the issues and topics that impact your retirement. Join the SEIU Local 517M Retiree Program today!

Retiree Program Information

Application for Retiree Membership


An organized voice on behalf of retired state, local government, and public school employees that offers many benefits:

Coalition for Secure Retirement (CSR)

In order to fight for our retired members, SEIU 517M is a proud member of the Coalition for Secure Retirement. Through membership, CSR engages with retired members and monitors, advocates and educates elected leaders on issues important to retired public employees like you!

Why Choose to Stand Together?

As retirees, we know the impact new laws and policies can have on our hard earned pensions, health care and more. Through membership in the SEIU 517M Retiree Program, we create a strong coalition of engaged retirees that can stand up to those policy makers looking to make cuts and save a few dollars at our expense.

Access to hundreds of exclusive benefits available to SEIU 517M members

Maybe you took advantage of these benefits when you were an active member, now you can continue those benefits as a Retiree Group member. Click the Member Only Benefits link above to explore the benefits provided by SEIU International and SEIU Local 517M.

Popular benefits include:

  • The SEIU Free College Benefit allows eligible SEIU members, Retiree Group Members, their families and grand children to earn an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree or Certificate online without having to pay for tuition, fees or e-books.
  • The SEIU Local 517M Scholarship Fund grants fifteen $600 scholarships each year to SEIU members, Retiree Group Members, their families and grand children.
  • Legal services, Insurance, Financial Services, and discounts on travel and everyday items. The buying power of millions of SEIU members helps you just for being an SEIU retiree member!



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