Membership Re-Authorization

State employee members can reauthorize their union membership by utilizing the HRMN online portal. The portal is closed for payroll processing and can not accept reauthorizations the Sunday-Wednesday the week after payday.


 reauthorize instructions 2022 ending HRMN is now supported on mobile devices
or tablets. Use the mobile-friendly platform
on the HR Gateway by clicking here.Click on the image for step-by-step

Alternatively, members may also utilize the MI HR Self-Service Call Center at 877-766-6447, Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm to reauthorize their dues, however, use of the HRMN online portal is highly recommended.

Tell the representative you want to re-authorize dues deductions and give them the deduction code:

  • For the Scientific and Engineering Unit, your code is EH01.
  • For the Human Services Support Unit, your code is EE01.
  • For the Technical Unit, your code is EL01.

Members that do not re-authorize before the first full pay period in October of this year will have their union dues unilaterally ended, causing a lapse in membership and all member benefits to end.

Reauthorize your Union dues deduction today to maintain a strong Union and fulfill the new Civil Service requirement.

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