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School and Local Government Units:

Algonac Community Schools 2019-22 Reopener: Algonac Community Schools Reopener 2019-22
Allegan Area Education Service Agency 2017-20 Extended until 6/30/2021
City of Allegan 2018-21
City of Battle Creek 2019-2024
City of Belding – Firefighters 2020-24
Birch Run Area Schools 2020-2023
Branch Co Community Mental Health 2021-2022
Branch County Circuit Court 2020-22
Branch County District Court 2020-2022
Branch County Probate Court 2020-2022
Brandywine Public Schools 2021 – 24
Buena Vista Charter Township 2019-22
City of Burton 2021-25
City of Charlotte 2018-21
Corunna Public Schools Bus Drivers 2019-2022
Corunna Public Schools Custodial 2019-2020 Corunna Custodial Contract extension to 2021
Covert Public Schools 2018-21
City of Detroit Non-Supervisory Unit 2019-23;  Detroit NonSupv MOU 82019 Detroit Non-Supervisory Unit extension to 2024
City of Detroit Supervisory Unit 2019-23 City of Detroit Supervisory Unit extension to 2024
City of Detroit Professional and Technical Unit 2019-23
East China School District 2021-2023
Board of Trustees of the Flint Public Library 2020-23
School District of the City of Flint 2019-21
Fruitport Township 2018-22
Genesee County Road Commission 2018-20 Genesee Co Road Commission Extension 2020-2022
Grand Haven Area Public Schools 2020-2024
City of Grand Haven 2020-2022
Hackley Public Library 2021-2024
Hartford Public Schools 2021-2025
Herrick District Library 2018-2023
City of Hudsonville 2018-23
64A District Court Ionia County 2018-20 64A District Court Ionia County Extension 2020-2021
Kalamazoo Public Schools Custodians 2021-23
Lake Fenton Schools 2021-2024
Lapeer Community Schools Food Service 2022-2024
Lapeer Community Schools Mechanics 2019-2021
City of Ludington 2019-2022
Memphis Community Schools 2021-2023
Charles Stewart Mott Community College Maintenance & Operations 2017-2020
Charles Stewart Mott Community College Public Safety Officers 2018-21
Charles Stewart Mott Community College Administrative Support 2018-21
Board of Education of Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools 2020-23
Muskegon County Wastewater Management System and Solid Waste Activities 2018-2023
Muskegon Community College 2021-2024
City of Muskegon – Clerical 2019-2023
City of Muskegon DPW 2022-2025
Niles Community Schools 2021-2024
Northwestern Michigan College 2020-22
Okemos Public Schools 2019-22
Otsego Public Schools 2021-2024
Plainwell Community Schools Bus Drivers 2020-2023
Plainwell Community Schools Custodial Maintenance 2019-22
Plainwell, City of 2019-2022
City of Royal Oak 2019-20  Extended City of Royal Oak Extension 2020-21
Saginaw Public Schools 2020-2022
Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority 2019-21
Public Libraries of Saginaw 2021-2024
Saginaw Township Community Schools Custodial, Maintenance, and Security 2020-22 Tentative Agreement
Saginaw Township Community Schools Transportation 2019-20  Saginaw Township Community Schools Transportation 2020 Extension
City of Saginaw – Hourly 2019-22
City of Saginaw – Part-Time 2019-22
City of Saginaw – Salaried 2019-22
South Haven Schools – Parapros 2019-22
South Haven Schools – Food Service 2019-22
St. Joseph County Road Commission 2020-23
St.Clair County Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) Teaching Aides 2019-2022
Sturgis Board of Education – Bus Drivers and Maintenance 2019-22
Sturgis Board of Education – Food Service 2020-21
Thomas Township 2018-22
Three Rivers Schools 2021-2024
West Michigan Community Mental Health System
Wayland Union Schools – Bus 2018-22
Wayland Union Schools – Paraprofessionals 2021-2023
Wayne State University 2015-19
William P. Faust Public Library of Westland Non-Supervisory 2019-22
William P. Faust Public Library of Westland Supervisory 2019-22


State Employee Units:

The newly negotiated contracts for 2022-2024 are currently being proofed and will be posted when final versions are available.

Human Services Support Unit (2019-21) Updated with 2019 Economic Re-Opener Provisions

Scientific and Engineering Unit (2019-21) Updated with 2019 Economic Re-Opener Provisions

Technical Unit (2019-21) Updated with 2019 Economic Re-Opener Provisions












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