Technical Unit Launches Video Discussion Groups

waterrulesTechnical Unit union members are eligible to join facilitated video discussions about your job and experiences throughout the public health crisis caused by COVID-19. This showcase of technician work is also designed to allow feedback about wages and benefits as we head into contract negotiations later this summer. The discussion groups will start meeting the 2nd – 3rd weeks of June.

We want to hear from you and other members working in similar jobs in your department and in different departments. The project is titled “Water Rules” and focuses on your job and professionalism as union workers serving the public. As public servants, SEIU Local 517M members provide protections to all Michiganders which include keeping our water, soil, air and natural resources clean and pristine.  Water Rules!



Technical Unit Member Discussion Groups

Water Rules – Water & Environmental Quality/Testing – DHHS and EGLE

Front Line Health Care – MDOC, DHHS, and DMVA

Critical Safety – First Responder, Homeland Security & Military – DTMB, EGLE, and DMVA

Haz Mat – Hazardous Materials – DHHS, EGLE & DNR Animal Lab

Hatcheries & Research Stations/Commercial & Recreational Fishing – DNR

First Responders & Natural Resources – Forest Fire Fighters/Forestry/Wildlife – DNR

Flight – Aircraft Pilots & Drone Operators (Flight School Certified) – DNR and MDOT

Crime Fighters – Forensic, Fingerprint, Evidence, Firearms, Facial Recognition – MSP

Inspectors – Transportation Infrastructure (2 Groups) – MDOT

Media/Comm/Professional Tech (Media, Content, PR) – LEO, MDARD, MDE, All others


Would you like to participate in the discussion groups but you are currently not a member? Join your co-workers in union membership by going to the HRMN Self-Service Portal (https://bit.ly/Join517M) and start enjoying the benefits of being an SEIU member today!


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