Ethics Policy

SEIU International voted at their 2016 International Convention on a Code of Ethics that all Officers, Staff and Members are to follow.  A link to this Code is below.

SEIU International Code of Ethics

According to Part B: General Obligations, Section 3 (b):

Duty of Disclosure. Covered individuals shall disclose to the SEIU Ethics Ombudsperson or the Affiliate Ethics Liaison, described in Part F of this Code, any conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict, which arises when their paramount duty to the interest of members is potentially compromised by a competing interest, including but not limited to an interest, relationship or transaction referenced in this Code. Actual, perceived and potential conflicts should be disclosed at the time that covered individuals become aware of them.

Members can report suspected violations of this policy to the SEIU Local 517M Ethics Liaison Olivia Toretta at otoretta@seiu517m.org. All reports are confidential.

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