Region 1 Endorses Local Candidates

The SEIU Local 517M Region 1 membership has endorsed candidates Ernie Ahmad,  Annie Boensch, Norman Braddock, Cirven Merrill and Amos O’Neal for the upcoming Saginaw City Council seats. Ruth Ann Knapp and Rudy Patterson secured endorsements on their bids for Saginaw City Schools Board of Education seats from the SEIU membership as well.

“All eleven candidates who filled out our questionnaires and participated in our candidate forum last week needed to be familiar with our New Solutions for Michigan Campaign, and apply the same revenue savings principles to come up with ideas on how we could create New Solutions for the City of Saginaw and Saginaw Public Schools” said Marianne Woods, Member Leadership and Action Director for SEIU 517M.

“The endorsed candidates demonstrated the highest level of commitment to our New Solutions campaign. With our city and school district’s economic challenges, these candidates truly have the best interest of all who live, work and go to school in our community” Woods further stated.   The New Solutions for Michigan report can be viewed in its entirety here.

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